Junica Innovative Health

Innovation - Technology - Health

Our passion is in utalising technology to bring innovative solutions to healthcare,

benefiting patient, pharmaceutical companies & government.


Junica Innovative Health

Junica is a niche medical commercialization firm built around the facets of medicine, technology and commercialization. We identify and respond to healthcare needs across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Innovation: Our agile and entrepreneurial ethos allows us to develop and deploy solutions effectively and safely, with full medical oversight.

Technology: Our passion is in technology, utilizing automation and AI to ensure the fit for purpose solution.

Health: Our experience and relationships in healthcare allows us to fully understand the needs of the patient, industry and government.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we thrive on helping you solve complex challenges.

require an innovative solution for healthcare?

Junica works with Life Sciences companies to build, develop, and deploy bespoke solutions.

Our services include pharmacovigilence, medical information, and patient familiarization, engagement, and adherence programs.

Our Team

Leadership Management

Dr Caitlin Brabazon

Medical Director

Mr Jude D'Silva

Commercial Director

Andy Kim

Head of Finance & Business Development